by Barbe

Mystical Adornments - Intuitive Life Guidance

What to expect during the Reading
All of my readings are a blend of psychic, empath and mediumship using tarot or oracle cards. Readings under 30 minutes will only have Mediumship component IF someone comes through from the other side during our time together. Mediumship takes a lot of energy and time to get a good connection, and usually we get the info flowing right about the time the alarm says 15 mins are up. To get the most of your reading I do not do "General"or “I don’t know, tell me what you pick up” readings for less than a 30 minute reading. The reason is because time is just too short. You won’t be happy and I want you to be happy with your reading.  I will empathically connect with your energy, use my psychic skills along with Oracle/Tarot cards. I will pinpoint areas in your life that need guidance or clarity, help you with your life path and how things may change for you. Please remember that everyone in life has free will and what I may see for your future can change depending upon the decisions that you make for yourself in life. We will look at your personal life, relationships, and career. Please prepare a list of questions or areas you would like me to cover during your reading.If your loved ones from Spirit or your Guides come through me I will relay messages from them as well.  During longer readings you may have a list of people that you would like to connect with on the other side, but I am a Vessel for Spirit and can only go where Spirit leads. I cannot command any certain loved one to come in and talk to me or you. There is no guarantee that you will connect with the Spirit that you want to but always get the message from Spirit you need to!

Prices for readings are $20 for ONE question (email reading lasts 5-7mins) In person, phone and video readings are $40 for 15 minutes,  $75 for 30 minutes and $150 for 60 minutes.

I am also offering the OracleCast Email Readings $150 - These will now start at any time during the year, not just at the new year!!!  I limit these to 4 per month, so email me to set up a reading.  This is a 12 Month Oracle and Tarot forecast. Twelve cards will be thrown (one for the main “theme”of the year and one card for each of the 12 months.) You will recieve a photo of your spread plus a document detailing each months card.  For more information on these, email me. 

Please note reading times are concrete - 15 minutes means 15 mins, not 17 mins not 20 minutes. For example: When the bell goes off at the 28 min wrap up mark, please don't say "JUST ONE more question!!!" and go over 30 mins. If I go over time in a reading with you, that means someone else's appointment is late and has to wait on me. I hate to be so strict but people have been taking advantage of my desire to help them.

Scheduling a Reading

My reading schedule varies from week to week.Please email me to check when my next available times are.  Please be sure to set your email settings/spam filters to accept emails from   I will set a time/date with you and immediately send an invoice. All readings are prepaid and payment is due at the time you receive an invoice to reserve your appointment time. If you do not pay, the appointment is not reserved. Finished readings and no shows are non refundable. If you need to reschedule, please contact me as soon as possible. IF neither of us feel the connection is there within 2 mins of the reading, it will be canceled and all money will be refunded to you. I want you to be happy with your reading not feel like you've been ripped off. 

Please note,  I do not do same day readings because my schedule is usually full. IF you feel you must have an immediate appointment, a "rush fee" will be added to the reading cost.  

Readings are done by telephone (although we can schedule FaceTime, Google Hangout, Facebook phone/video call or Skype) and reflect US EST (Eastern Standard Time - New York). Please set a reminder for yourself if you live in a different time zone. At the appointed time for your reading, you will receive a telephone call from Barbe and she will conduct your reading. If you are unavailable or do not answer your phone, the reading is non refundable. The use of speakerphone is not permitted. At this time, I cannot record calls but I am researching that option for the future. You may record the call if your phone allows it.

Do you have questions about your abilities? Curious about the paranormal? Perhaps you want to know if you are an Empath or how to build your skills in Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, etc.? Maybe you are curious about getting a dream interpretation. Here’s your opportunity to talk one on one with Barbe as your Spiritual Journey Coach. She will help guide you on as you explore your spiritual path.  Spiritual Coaching - $20 for 15 minutes or $ 50 for 45 minutes

This is a great way for a group of people to have mini-readings done in person by Barbe.  The charge has been changed to $175 hourly vs per person cost as it was in the past. The main reason is that it is easier for both the host and Barbe to have a set time and dollar amount scheduled.  In the past, many house parties were booked with a certain number of people but when Barbe arrived there would be fewer and sometimes as many at 10 people more than originally scheduled without prior notice. Which throws off anything she may have scheduled later in the day.  You can have as many as five 10 min readings in an hour, four 15 min readings or two 30 min readings-the choice is yours.  You can pay for 2 hours and have up to 10 people read. For larger parties/events/weddings with more guests, please email me for details. Please email for scheduling and details. A non refundable deposit of $50 is required to reserve the date/time and the remainder is due in cash at the party. Also, no alcohol should be consumed prior to a reading. 

Barbe is a certified Reiki Master and is currently doing distance work for a small love donation/pay what you can. Distance Reiki is just as effective as in person. Email Barbe to schedule a time. After the session, I will email you with the info I received during your session and if anyone from Spirit came through with a message. 

Barbe loves doing Paranormal Investigations and consulting on Paranormal cases. She has worked with a number of teams on assorted public and private investigations.  She is also available to do remote consulting during your investigation via Facebook Video messaging. Email Barbe with details of your case/investigation to get rates.

I reserve the right to terminate a reading at any time for any reason.
I reserve the right to not offer appointments to certain individuals.
ONLY in this situation will a full refund be returned to the purchaser.
Payment is due at the time the appointment is scheduled.
Paid Appointments are non-refundable although they may be re-scheduled.
Please contact me if you wish to reschedule your appointment.

I, Barbe Saint John will connect with the world of Spirit and will also gain insight using my psychic awareness. The readings that I provide are for guidance only. What you decide to do with the information that I give you, including any actions you take, is up to your own personal responsibility and choice. By paying for or accepting a reading you agree that the messages you receive are not a substitute for advice. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment.  My services are not a substitute for professional services and it is advised that you should seek advice from the relevant qualified expert